Just for today, I AM Supermum

These days don’t come to me often, so please just let me have this one and share in my pride.

I’ve just put Squidge down for an early afternoon nap. It’s only 12:30, but she’s been up since 6am and had her morning nap already. Still went down like an angel.

I was up before her today. No point fighting it, might as well get on. I’d made a cup of tea, put chicken curry in the slow cooker and put a load of washing on before Kev brought her downstairs at 6:30, at which point, her morning bottle of milk was already in my hand.

Smashing it. Made her a cup of tea with half of mine, gave Squidge her yoghurt and changed her bum. No dramas. She even cleaned her teeth really well.

I put her down for her morning nap, mindful that we had to be at the bank for an appointment. Place the oline order for our food shopping to be delivered tomorrow. I even tried to register for my fourth module at uni, but have to text Kev to ask for help when I can’t decide between two.

When it was time to go, Squidge pushed the pram to the door for me and climbed carefully down our front step ready to be lifted in. She is so patient and helpful with me. It makes my heart happy, like we have a little understanding.

As it was, the bank wasn’t even open when I got there, so we pootled around the pound shop a couple of shops down. Got her some fruit puree pots (cheaper than in Boots next door, despite how obsessed I’ve become with Advantage card points… I never pay for nappy cream any more as a result) so this appealed to the frugal mummy in me.

Two new toothbrushes for Squidge because she munches the toothpaste off the bristles like it’s a snack and a tiny Milkybar Easter egg for her. This is cheeky of me, because I insisted that Nanny & Granddad shouldn’t buy her chocolate and instead they’ve replaced her winter coat for us with a beautiful sale bargain. I know, March and there’s still a need for a winter coat, madness right?

Popped back to the bank and Squidge makes herself popular with everyone, waving and loudly chattering “Hiya!” The advisor helps me set up a few more “piggybank” accounts. I have to have separate accounts for everything or I’m rubbish at being careful with money – and I really do need to be if there’s ever a hope I’ll be able to give up work completely, both for myself and a new baby in a few years.

I’ve stashed Squidge’s money box in the pram. We make ourselves pay her a pound whenever we leave the stair gate open and she has the chance to bolt up the stairs! I lift her up to shake the pennies in. I enjoy myself. I really do want each of my days to be like this, to feel so accomplished.

We walk back home and stop off at the playground in our street. She looks so beautiful and happy.

Look at that cheeky grin. Everyone she meets tells me how happy she is and it makes me so proud that even I for all my pessimisms and anxieties cannot deny it. I watch her play and fall ever more in love with her. The sheer capacity I have to do this amazes me. I honestly didn’t know I could love someone so small so much. It is infinite which is probably a daft thing to say to parents, because there’s obviously no other way it could be. But I truly didn’t know. This girl makes me so happy.

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