Tis the Season to be Jolly!

And I intend to be!

I am feeling particularly festive and full of happiness right now. The tree’s up, our little electric fire is roaring away, Last Christmas is playing on the radio. What’s not to love? Right now, I have so much to feel grateful for.

This week, Kev & I came back from our would-have-been honeymoon in Cuba. Kev originally booked it for us as a surprise after our wedding in 2015 – he knew I’d love the weather, the rum, the cars straight out of my favourite movie, Grease. Only, by the time we were due to fly, I was 11 weeks pregnant with the Squidgelet and Zika was rife. It took Kev going through the agony of redudancy last Christmas for us to be able to plan it again. He was determined we were going to get something good out of a horrible time. We chose the hotel together – and ended up choosing the same hotel he had the first time – clever man!

We left Squidge with her grandparents, knowing that this would be our last grown up holiday. But honestly, up until the second they handed me cava on the plane (I was allowed it this time, see!) I would have given anything not to get on the plane and stay with my little girl. How ungrateful is that?

And yet…

I had the best week of my life.

I slept in til I needed to. A 10pm Cuban bedtime was perfectly acceptable, even though Cuba being 5 hurs behind the UK meant I was crashing out at 5pm. November is winter in Cuba too, which meant the sun was setting at 6pm, but 30 degree heat persisted. It was heaven. Kev had selected top end all inclusive everything and he let me choose our excursions.

So we

Swam with dolphins

And Raced speedboats

and got to enjoy sunsets like this:

I’ve never felt so lucky or so peaceful in all my life.

But how I missed Squidgelet. We deliberately only went for the week. We came back in the torrential rain of the British winter, raced to the nursery to pick her up and spend the rest of the week together.

We had the best Christmassy day together. We raced round together at soft play, Squidgelet shrieking with delight as Kev helped her swing upside down off the gym bars.

We took her to buy a Christmas tree and let her choose the decorations. We went home and made hot chocolate (or “cocoa chai” as Squidge calls it!)

Squidgelet dolled out chocolate buttons as we drank and helped Kev put the “tar!” on top of the tree while we listened to Christmas songs.

I suddenly felt the Christmas magic hit. I fell out of love with Christmas when I grew up but it really is true… Christmas is for kids.

She’s been saying Good Morning to the tree every morning, pointing out the colours of the lights.

She has her Christmas concert in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to go. She’s been singing songs to herself each night before she falls asleep.

We’re going to spend that day as a family and come the Friday, our little girl is going to be 2 whole years old. Where’s that time gone?

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