“If you say 3, we’ll make 3!”

Finally, good news!

The one recommendation I managed to find on Google for some kind of parenting aids was






They have volunteers nationally, so please do check them out!

Anything I could think of that’s not available on the open market, they’d have a stab at making. Music to my ears.

I asked for a sling built into a top, so that I didn’t need to faff with straps whilst Squidge was half asleep or screaming for a bottle, to enable me to carry her safely. I waited for them to say it was impossible, that I’d just have to cope.

But no. Roger of REMAP Newport and the lovely lady he bought with him nodded at my description and by way of reply were describing what they could create for me – a smock style top designed so that Squidge can sit forward facing with her legs dangling down in the frog position. All in one piece, worn straight over the head, no straps.

It seemed too good to be true.

“How many do you need?”

“Oh I don’t know, babies are messy aren’t they? 2, so we have a spare?”

“If you say 3, we’ll make 3.”

The lovely lady whose name I can’t remember (REMAP insist on bringing chaperones when they visit you at home, just for peace of mind!) coo’ed over Squidge – even asked for a cuddle. Squidge loves meeting new people – anyone that is willing to tell her she is beautiful, which of course she is. 

They were full of compliments for her beautiful auburn hair (God forbid you call it ginger in front of Kev!) 

I was full of praise and thanks. So far, they are the only organisation that hasn’t made me feel like me and my little girl are out in the cold on our own.

They didn’t mind talking with my babbling Squidge while I slung her nappy in the bin.

I asked if they had many requests from disabled parents. Apparantly they do, lamenting how woefully undersupported we are as a demographic. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one out there – I was genuinely beginning to feel like it!

Wonderful people. They made the whole thing seem so easy and straightforward which to be honest is exactly what I needed at this stage in my parenting life.

I can’t wait to carry my girl safely around. I might even manage to dart over the road for a pint of milk rather than having to wait for Kev to come home.

And all from retired engineers up and down the country. They want nothing from me, other than to make my life easier because they can.

Right now, they feel heaven sent. Squidge and I are not alone! 

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