So this is what a blog looks like…

Isn’t it just typical that even before I’d managed to type the oh so imaginative title of this, my first ever blog post that Squidge woke up?! Ah well, it’s Daddy’s turn anyway.

Squidge has been asleep most of the morning anyway, and I’ve been listing most of her newborn clothes on eBay. She’s only 9 weeks old and none of her 0-3 month stuff has a prayer anymore! Suppose I should be thrilled she didn’t take after her preemie size mummy!

Fair bit of pain in my back today. I know that a lot of us suffer with that anyway – cerebral palsy has always taken a bit of a toll on my poor spine even before all the Squidge-lifting. I so far can make just two reliable recommendations aside from the standard advice of physio and pain meds. 

Tangent (fair warning, I like to go off on these pretty regularly): I only take over-the-counter meds for my aches and pains, (and by rights should have shares in Deep Freeze gel, see below) but I’d love to hear what meds and routines keep you on top of the pains, so please let me know.

My recommendations:

Disclaimer: These are all things I find helpful in managing my own personal level of cerebral palsy symptoms. They may not be the best course of action for you, so please proceed at your own risk. 

  • Deep Freeze/Heat gel

I have found these (available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets) to be the best non-medical option for pain management. I regularly have pretty sizeable muscle knots in my back, neck & shoulders, especially if I’ve slept awkwardly. Just slather on as required! I prefer the Freeze gel, as it numbs the painful area a bit because it’s cool. Also the only option if you’re pregnant and there are plenty of extra aches and pains when you’re dealing with a bump as well as CP!

  • Massage

Again, for the aches and pains – and inevitable knots. Our bodies work incredibly hard to get us through each day, so go on, you deserve it!

If you’re not yet lucky enough to have your own Kev on hand to massage you on demand of an evening, then it’s definitely worth paying to have them done professionally as often as you can just for the sheer relief of it.

The first time Kev ever gave me a massage, he was convinced he’d snapped a bone in his hand he’d had to put so much pressure on all the knots I hadn’t even realised I was made of. He’s made it his life’s mission to not let my CP beat his healing hands however. He’s also very inventive in his caretaking – he once spent an hour pressing a golf ball into my knots. It really did get rid of them but my God, it hurt. That is not one I recommend!

I do however, own a Homedics massager, which currently is attached to the nursing chair where I feed Squidge at night. It is wonderful because it just gets on with it as I sit there feeding or watching Corrie. It even has a heat function. One of Kev’s best ever present ideas. I wish I had one at work too.

You can buy one here.

These can’t be used when you’re pregnant though and it was a tough 8 months! So please be kind to yourselves – lots of warm (not hot – another pregnancy no-no!) baths and plenty of massages! That’s what expectant dads are for!

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