Well, it’s out there now!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that has shared and supported the idea behind DisABLEd Mummy in the last 24 hours. It means the world to me!

Welcome to Sunday. I normally hate Sundays, as they’re normally just the lead in to another long week at work. It’s really not been too bad since I’ve been on maternity leave. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy!

Not a great night’s sleep last night, couldn’t settle in bed. I tried to get some sleep on our couch and even for 5ft3 me who has always liked sleeping in the foetal position, it’s a bit snug. Shoulders, back and neck aren’t thanking me today. I made Kev swap and given that he’s 6ft, that was very mean of me, but I can’t do without sleep. Seems like I’m always on edge waiting for Squidge to wake up.

Ironically, she didn’t stir all night. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those smug mums you meet at classes who seem to have it together – little Cressida has been sleeping through since 4 weeks, oh, I barely notice the difference – the first time Squidge ever slept through, we thought she was dead(! Yes, we’re nervous parents!)

This is only the second time ever. She’s normally up around 2am & 6am for a feed. But we put her to bed at 8:30pm last night and she didn’t stir til 6am! Go Squidge! Now to get her to give us advance notice so we can plan to stay up past 7pm like rebels!

I’m having a good day if I’ve gotten dressed (bonus points are available if said clothes are clean!). But we’re all alone now – Kev’s parents have gone home to Spain – and I’m determined to keep my own clothes clean and cook my own dinner now. And Squidge, bless her, was very helpful in this endeavour. Fed and changed her by 7am and she promptly went back to sleep thanks to her full belly – I was practically a domestic goddess by 10am!

I recognise I am bragging (like the greedy sleeper mummies!) but only because I’ll likely never give myself cause to do so again, so please humour me. For day one, on next to no sleep, I feel pretty good about it.

  1. I wiped down the kitchen surfaces
  2. I put away 2 loads of washing
  3. I put away the ironing
  4. I put the next load of washing on
  5. I put chicken casserole in the slow cooker (the only way to cook when you can’t bend to the oven and are too damn shaky to pick up a knife!)
  6. I made breakfast sandwiches and tea
  7. Fed and changed Squidge again

 Only took me three hours. Result.

I’m off for a nap in preparation for our Sunday ritual of the Four in a Bed marathon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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